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Digital Marketing Experts with 
20 Years of Small Business Marketing Experience
Leads feed my calendar, Sales feed my family

What does One Good Idea Marketing Provide?

Expert Digital Marketing Advertising
Lead Follow-Up Platform to Increase Sales
A Platform to Immediately and Repeatedly follow-up
Lead Follow-Up in Multiple Mediums for Maximum Engagement
Reputation Management 
Better Reviews for SEO
 Data to Manage Your Sales Process and Team

One Good Idea Marketing provides high quality marketing service WITH a unique Automated Lead follow-up platform.  It will engage customers, immediately and repeatedly, in multiple mediums and is personalized to each customer.  Increased engagement and automated follow-up ensures your staff is spending time on the hottest leads and truly following up with leads and increasing your SALES.  Leads no longer fall through the cracks, and get the attention you want as an owner.  In-depth reports show management where performance is breaking down and pinpoint cost savings for marketing budgets.  It is perfect for small businesses with limited staff, budgets and time! We guarantee results because immediately and repeatedly following up with leads is the secret to effective SALES.  

Why Is Automated Marketing A Good Idea?

Do I really need marketing help and automated marketing to increase my sales? Can’t I just save money and do it myself? These are valid questions, and the answer is absolutely yes!  You can do it by yourself if you or your team are able to respond to a lead within 5 minutes, and respond repeatedly! According to a 2017 study*, businesses that do not respond to a lead within 5 minutes see a 10x decrease in ability to close the sale. That is a lot! If you were a master seller and sold at 25% that means your rate goes to 2.5%!  You are only making 1 dollar when you could be making 10! See the problem? One Good Idea Marketing helps this problem by following up with leads immediately, and automatically, so you can increase sales and decrease staff expenses. Our platform will continue to follow up with your leads with custom messages so we can give you the best chance of closing a sale.  It is as easy as that. Can we help you? Schedule a call to see if One Good Idea Marketing is right for you!

OGI Marketing's Platform will get YOU more SALES
 With Less Money Spent
 With Less Staff Hours
 With Less Effort
 With Less Staff Dependence
 With More Personal Engagement with Clients
 With More Data to Determine Effectiveness

Who is One Good Idea Marketing?

One Good Idea Marketing has over 20 years of marketing experience and small business ownership.  What makes us different is our team has actually owned small businesses and a marketing firm.  This provides us with a unique perspective on what a small business owner needs.  After years of learning we know what works, and our platform is designed to get your business to grow. Your small business needs to increase sales, decrease costs, and make more money.  Marketing dollars have to make the phones ring and doors to swing. OGI Marketing's dynamic platform can transform your marketing and sales and increase profits. Let us show you how we can help you make more sales.

One Good Idea Marketing

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